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As a practice, we use a multidisplinary approach to accomplish diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all areas of cardiovascular disease.

Our caring and patient-focused personal touch are designed to promote trust and build a mutually cooperative physician/patient relationship. With this approach, we assist our patients to accomplish the goals of restoring health, quality of life and prevention of future compromises to health.
HVCLC Services
At Heart & Vascular Center of Lake County, we value the patient's autonomy and accountability for their own health
decisions and goals.

Our focus and mission is to assist patients to achieve attainable goals for lifestyle modification and improved quality of life as they strive to meet the challenges of cardiovascular health maintenance. Through the process of rapid and accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment approach to all aspects of adult cardiovascular disease, we strive to uphold our committment to that which we value most - our patients!
Evidence of our strong dedication to outstanding cardiovascular testing and treatment can be seen in our achievement of accreditation of our labs in the following areas:
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